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It is very important for us to maintain online account security, as most of our day-to-day activities are on Mobile Devices and Laptops. There is a huge space where people easily reach out and compromise all the stuff online(Private and Financial Information).

This two-factor authentication will add one more layer of security where the user gets the access only when He/She provides 2 passwords of which 1st password is a regular and 2nd password would be generated dynamically using a mobile application and will be sent as an Email / SMS.

ASPTAX has now introduced this high secure mechanism to its users.

Download, Install and Register Device

  • Please download and install our new Android Mobile App ASPTAX Authenticator from PlayStore ( Will be available on iOS platform ASAP )
  • After the installation of the Mobile App, kindly Open the Application in Android device and Register your device by Providing a Security PIN


  • Firstly, the user has to login to ASPTAX Portal with their regular Username and Password, then click on any Business Place to enter the Dashboard page.
  • Click on the avatar icon(top right), and click on My Profile.


  • Click on the button Two Factor Registration


  • A Popup with a QR Code, Registration Token, and Registration Status will be displayed


  • Now, open the Mobile App, enter your Secure PIN (Which registers the device)
  • Click on + icon for registering the username to Two Factor Authentication

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  • The user will be asked to either scan the QR Code(to get the Registration Code) or Register New Account options


  • QR Code Scanner - the User has to scan the QR Code which is available in ASPTAX Portal
  • Register New Account - the User has to enter the Registration Code manually

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  • Once the above steps are completed, the login Username is registred with Two Factor Authentication successfully


NOTE: If the User loses His/Her Mobile App/Mobile Device, can re-register their Username and generate a Dynamic Code

  • A Dynamic Code will be displayed on the Mobile App, which gets refreshed for every 30 seconds


  • Logout of the ASPTAX Application and whenever the user tries to log in with the same account(For which Dynamic Code is generated) in ASPTAX application, he/she needs to enter a dynamic code, apart from the regular Username and Password
  • A Popup to enter the Dynamic Code will be prompted, please enter the Dynamic Code generated on you Mobile App and click on Submit button


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