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TCode - /incasp/cockpit and click on the e-Way Bill tab.

User will navigate to E Way Bill screen, where E Way Bill operations, Configurations, Reports and Updates for data exchange can be performed.

E-waybill Tools

By clicking on “e-Way Bill Monitor” button the user will be navigated to a selection screen to provide inputs for extracting data from a particular Organization and its Business Place

e-way Bill Data Extraction

Please provide Supply Type, Organization Code, Business Place Code, and Posting Date as inputs and select layout as mentioned below

Business Place Level View

The Organization and Business Place name will be displayed

State Level View

The Organization and GSTIN of its Business Place, which is state-wise will be displayed

Simple ALV View

A simple view of extracted data for given Company code and Business Place code will be displayed

e-way Bill Monitor

Once the Organization code and Business Place code is given and executed, their concerned data will be displayed as below,

From the previous screen, the user can start all the operations regarding e-Waybill and general information of a particular record. Upon selecting a record from the records available, the following actions will be available,


Display Item

Display Part A

Display Part B

Display Consolidated EWB

The Consolidated EWB can be displayed either by clicking on Consolidated EWB No or selecting the record and clicking on Display Consolidated EWB from Display button drop down


Download to CSV

The user can download an individual/multiple Document(s) in CSV format, which can be uploaded in ASPTAX portal for generating the E-waybill number(s)

Download EWB JSON

The user can download an individual/multiple Document(s) in JSON format, which can be uploaded directly in NIC website for generating the E-waybill number(s)

Note: Once the E-waybill number(s) are generated, the user can upload them to SAP system for maintaining the E-waybill number(s) generation details.


Generate EWB

User must select an individual/multiple Document(s) and select this option under Generate to create E-waybill number(s)

Note: After clicking on “Generate EWB”, a popup comes where the user must click on Yes/No

Generate Consolidated EWB

User must select an individual/multiple Document(s) for which E-waybill number(s) are generated and select this option under generate to create consolidated E-waybill number

Note: After clicking on “Generate Consolidated EWB”, a popup comes where the user must provide details like, Transport Mode(Road/Rail/Air/Ship), Place of Change, State of Change, Vehicle Number, Vehicle Type(Regular/Oversize).

Re-Generate Consolidated EWB

User can now regenerate Consolidated EWB. Follow the below steps,

  • Select a record for which Consolidated EWB is already generated, click on “Generate” button and select “Regenerate Consolidated EWB”


  • Enter all the required details Vehicle Number, Place of Change, State of Change, Trans Mode, Reason Code, Reason Remark, Trans Doc Date, Trans Doc No. and click on “Regenerate CEWB” button


  • To view the regenerated CEWB, click on the history icon and view the log messages



Update Transporter/Vehicle (Part B) - The user can update the Part B (i.e, Vehicle Details) after the E-waybill has been generated.

For Part B to be updated the user must provide a valid Reason Code (Breakdown/Transhipment/Other) and a comment, along with details like, Transport Mode, Place of Change,Vehicle Number,State of change,Transporter Doc Number

Cancel EWB

The user can Cancel the E-waybill, before Part B details are updated or within 24hrs of generating E-waybill number. For Cancelling an E-waybill number, user must provide the Reason code(below codes) for cancel and a brief note.

  • Order Cancelled
  • Duplicate
  • Data Entry Mistake
  • Others

Delete Document

The user can delete the document which is listed unnecessarily/by mistake(Soft Delete)

EWB Latest Updates

The user can get updated details of generated E-waybill, i.e, if any details like 3rd party transporter has updated the vehicle details or E-waybill number re-generation or E-waybill Cancel or E-waybill Rejected

Following the below 3 steps, will fetch the updated details of Generated EWB,

  • The User has to select a document
  • Click on ‘Update’ button and,
  • Choose “EWB Latest Updates”

Update Transporter ID

The user can update Transporter ID(i.e, GSTIN of Transporter) for the generated E-waybill number. This can be achieved by selecting a document(s), click on “Update” button and choose “Update Transporter ID”.

Enter the Transporter ID, Transporter Name and click on Update.


  • Once the Transporter ID is updated for a document,
  • No other Transporter ID can be updated
  • The User can only perform Cancel E-waybill operation
  • The Transporter can perform Extend E-waybill Validity, Regenerate E-waybill Number, Cancel E-waybill and Update Vehicle Details

Extend E-WayBill Validity

The User can extend E-waybill number validity, only when the consignment is unable to reach destination on time. Select a Document, Click on “Update” button and choose “Extend e-WayBill Validity”

NOTE: To proceed further, make sure the E-waybill validity time must be before 4 hours and after 4 hours of expiry of the validity

Enter the Remaining Distance, Reason Code and a brief explanation.The Reason Codes can be,

  • Natural Calamity
  • Law & Order
  • Accident
  • Transhipment
  • Others

Now click on “Generate Request” and we get a response with new ‘Valid Till Date’ and Number of Days based on the remaining distance given.

Update Document Transporter Details

The user can Add or Edit the transporter details if the transporter data is not available while extraction of data. The user can update the transport details either in bulk or individual Manually or Excel upload


Upload Transport Details in bulk(Excel Upload):


Print EWB (Simple)

A print preview of the document for which e-Waybill number has been generated will be displayed

Print EWB (HSN)

A print preview of the document(Item-wise) for which e-Waybill number has been generated will be displayed with E-waybill Details, Address Details, Goods Details, Transporter Details and Vehicle Details

Print Consolidated EWB

A print preview of the Consolidated EWB document from SAP will be displayed with Consolidated EWB Details and Item Details(i.e, E-waybill Numbers individually)

NOTE: User can also select multiple documents and print them in bulk. This is available for Print Simple, Print HSN and Print CEWB.

Upload e-way Bill

Uploading JSON Files in NIC

After Downloading the JSON files in SAP, the same file must be uploaded in NIC website. To upload JSON in NIC,

  • Login to NIC website
  • Navigate to Generate Bulk option (e-Waybill → Generate Bulk)
  • Click on “Choose File”, select the JSON file downloaded from SAP
  • Click on “Upload” button
  • Click on “Generate” button

Now, the documents for which all data is correct e-Waybill number(s) will be generated and error will be displayed if any. The user can download the file for generated e-Waybill number(s) by clicking on “Export Excel” button.

Process to Upload e-Waybill number(s) generated in NIC through excel upload,

  • Download the file excel file from NIC website by clicking on “Export Excel” button
  • Click on “Upload Offline EWB” in e-Waybill Monitor

  • Select the excel file in the SAP system and execute

A message will be displayed when the excel upload is success or failed. If the data is successfully uploaded, user can view the e-waybill number(s) in e-Waybill Monitor

EWB Reports

In ASPTAX cockpit, we are providing 3 different reports based on the E-waybill actions performed.

  • e-Waybill Summary
  • e-Waybill Dashboard
  • EWB GSTIN Download(Beta Version)


e-Way Bill Summary

This reports gives complete overview for all the E-waybills generated. For this, please fill in details available in below screen and execute,


After execution, the data will be displayed as below.

600 600

e-Way Bill Dashboard

This report gives count of E-waybills which are Generated, Active, E-waybills Generated(Current Date), Expired, Cancelled, Expiring (Current Date) and their Total Invoice Value, Taxable Amount, Tax Amounts. Please enter fill in details as required in the below screen


After execution from the above screen the data will be displayed as below


Clicking on the count gives you detailed information of E-waybills i.e, From Address, To Address, Transporter Details, Vehicle Number, Taxable Amount and Tax Amounts.

600 600

EWB GSTIN Download(Beta Version)

Now the user can download all the EWB's generated against their GSTIN from E-waybill Reports section. Fill in all required fields and execute

E-waybill Error Handling (Resolution)

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